Leather and leather products industry environmental heavy metal monitoring programs

   Leather industry from leather bags, leather handbags, leather shoes, leather garments and other main industries and leather chemicals, leather machinery, leather industry and other supporting hardware components. China is the world recognized the big leather, leather bags and footwear producing countries, pigs and sheep leather processing totaled 170 million, accounting for 20% of world production total. However, our lack of investment in technology research and tanning, energy saving situation is grim, resource recycling rate is poor, environmental pollution has become a bottleneck in the development of China’s leather industry.

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   Leather products industry can generally be divided into two kinds of light leather and heavy leather. Chromium salt because it has excellent trample resistance, imparting high hydrothermal stability of leather, soft and full of feeling, and washable leather finished, excellent corrosion resistance, and become the most widely used in the tanning industry leather boots agent. Light texture chrome tanned leather is generally used, vegetable tanning agents tanning method lighter leather processing, industrial process will produce large amounts of industrial waste chromium, while China’s leather industry to light mainly accounted for the entire leather industry 90%.

In the leather industry, each dealing l Ton fur, about to be discharged chromium 400mg/L wastewater 50-6O Ton, kneading industry average utilization of 60-70% chromium, of which 25-30% residual waste, about 10% in water, squeeze water discharge process, a large number of untreated wastewater containing chromium with sewage discharged into rivers, lakes and the sea, causing serious environmental pollution. Tannery wastewater Cr3 + chromium ions mainly exists in the form, content is generally 60-100mg/L. Cr6 + has a great stimulus and corrosive, causing ulcers,laryngitis and enteritis. Epidemiological studies have shown: Cr6 + compounds are common carcinogens inhaled into the bloodstream capture part 02, so that the hemoglobin to methemoglobin,red blood cells carry gas dysfunction occurred in interest rates.

   Country for the leather industry heavy metal pollution of the major, has promulgated the “leather and fur processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards” (GB30486-2013).

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   “Leather and fur processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards” (GB30486-2013) clearly states, the relevant provisions of the leather and fur processing enterprises water pollutant emission values, monitoring and control requirements, as well as the implementation and monitoring of standards , etc. where in March 2014 after 1 of its wastewater discharge standards in new enterprises total chromium is 1.5mg/L, hexavalent chromium emissions standards for 0.1mg/L, its emissions monitoring location for the workshop or production facility waste water discharge; 2014 March 1 its wastewater discharge standards in existing firms total chromium is 1.5mg/L, hexavalent chromium emissions standards for 0.2mg/L, its emissions monitoring location for the workshop or production facility waste water discharge; January 2016 one day later, all companies according to new business standards.

   WAOL2000 is an automatic water quality monitoring Colorimetric method based on the determination of the concentration of heavy metal ions tool. It can be widely used in industrial emissions, surface/groundwater automatic monitoring stations, waterworks, district water sector points of heavy metals in water monitoring. It can detect a variety of heavy metals in sewage chromium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, manganese, arsenic and iron.

AOL2000 online water quality analyzers Water monitoring range of chrome reach 0-2mg/L, with an automatic pre-treatment system, no one can achieve continuous online monitoring was accurate, very suitable for the monitoring of heavy metals in sewage leather industry.

WAOL2000 series analyzer can be configured as needed for the cycle interval, the whole point of the measurement mode, the actual measurement to meet customer demand; Setting automatic calibration interval, to achieve automatic instrument calibration.

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