Crocodile Leather Belt Color Matching Knowledge

   There are some color matching knowledge of crocodile belts in business. Different collocation will show different temperament, but also for different occasions. Let’s introduce some color matching knowledge.

How to select the color of belt?

   Men’s business suits are relatively simple, generally in black, white, gray and blue and the shirts are mainly white or light colored. In order to look neat and beautiful, the color of crocodile leather belt should be consistent with the dress color, following a business man’s outfit law (color of bags, shoes, and belts are consistent). It is not strange anyway.

Black series crocodile belt

1, Black series

   Comparison of the crocodile belts in different colors
The classic black one has the heavy sense of the business, elegant and decent, which makes a man powerful. The selection of black suit, black handbag, black leather shoes and leather belt, only in black and white, makes people look dignified.

Blue series crocodile belt

2, Blue series

   A dark blue one is full of male’s charm, which is elegant and unique, showing the wisdom unintentionally. Grey suit trousers with dark blue leather, leather belt, leather shoes are to show an elegant temperament. Good textured materials will show the grade.

Brown series crocodile belt

3, Brown series

   In fact, Brown is practical, like black never outdated, but it also shows a charming and humorous temperament. Brown leather bag, leather shoes and leather belt match to a white suit, showing the gentle temperament. The color of shirts should be close to brown or light brown, which makes the combination look beautiful and harmonious.

   In short, no matter which color do you like, as long as you follow the law of combination, it will not be wrong. The business image is as simple as the neat, coordinated and comfortable one.

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