Which Style of Crocodile Leather Wallet is Better

  The crocodile leather wallet can be divided into several categories: short and long; transverse and vertical; the hasp type and zipper type. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better? We can make choice according to their needs and preferences. There are some classifications of wallet and suggestions:

Long Black Crocodile Wallet

1. Length Short/Transverse Wallet:
Advantages: the short wallet is lighter and convenient to carry and it can be placed in a pocket portable;
Disadvantages: small capacity and Feng Shui also believe that the wallet makes money folded, meaning you suffer unexpected personal financial losses..

Long /Vertical Wallet:
Advantages: the long crocodile leather wallet with larger capacity, is more fashionable and elegant than the short one, and matches to the briefcase better.
Disadvantages: it is too long and not easy to carry. The wallet with no wrist belt is not suitable to be in hand.
Advantages: it has a large capacity, and is easy to carry with a wrist belt, Disadvantages: it is not suitable for official occasions but appropriate for casual affairs.

Closed and Open Way of the Crocodile Wallet

2. Closed and Open Way of the Wallet
Open wallet:
Advantages: it has the advantages of compact and light for easily handling money
Disadvantages: it is not safe and easily lead to loss of money
Closed wallet:
It includes hasp type and zipper type
Advantage: It is dignified and can protect money from losing
Disadvantages: Using will be more complicated

  Personally thinking is that the closed long wallet is better, for it has a large capacity and has the wish to bring wealth. It is decent for man to use black one and for women to use wallets in rose red, pink and dark green.

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