How to choose men’s casual bag-VANGOSEDUN Leather Bag

men's casual bag-VANGOSEDUN

   Men’s bag according to different functions, generally divided into the business bag, leisure bag, travel bag, leisure bag style, to go out shopping, holiday outing etc. Although leisure bag is not always used in formal occasions, but also need to pay the extra attention to buy leisure bags on the quality of the material and workmanship.

1. Men’s casual bags styles. The first is ready to choose bag, handbag, bag, backpack, dual-purpose satchel, which pockets inside the package, chest.

2. Then the specific choice of men’s casual bags details such as length, type, pattern of the belt bag is appropriate, their purses hardware is appropriate oneself etc.

3. After the size of the bag is to choose. Bag size is important. I do not pay attention to the size of the bag, it was found too big, or too small In fact after buying

4. In the end, the view of men’s casual bags of work. This part is divided into many aspects, pull to see if it’s easy to walk the line, there is no balance, sutures are loose, skew, skin have wrinkles, handle, buckle and other hardware is solid, have no scratches. And in the bag if the functions are available, such as mobile phone bag, camera bag, bag, general high-grade with certificate of the bag. At the same time, many high-grade bags lined with are strong, durable, and feel good, but also there is no smell. In addition, for the zipper bag, men’s casual bags should check whether the zipper on more solid.

men's casual bag-VANGOSEDUN Leather Bag

How to identify the men’s casual bags workmanship?

Check a leisure bag quality, can be observed from the appearance, corner, lining, accessories and other parts.

1. Can be seen from the appearance of what workmanship problems. A bubble bag surface, not smooth, that bag in the sewing process distortion; bag seam too much, that is not made to complete the fabric made of different materials or spliced.

2. The corner is part of the case details. It is most likely to be exposed or workplace. The consumer in the purchase of the bag, to check these two sides: angle is symmetrical, and the bag surface is coordinated, corners and bag seam is tight, the corner is off-line.
3. Pay attention to workmanship and lining bag buckles, zippers and other accessories parts. The quality of these places to work is also in a certain extent package.

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