What Should I Pay Attention to Before Buying an Alligator Bag

  Looking for a type of bag that emphasize your sense of fashion can be daunting at times. Aside from exceptional designs, you would always want its material to be of high-quality to make your money more valuable.

Alligator Bag For Men

  One of the most sought after bags nowadays is the alligator bag. Since there are only one species of alligator in the world unlike with crocodiles, it can be easily identified visually. It has a different scale pattern, finish, and softness that any other material for the bag never have.

  There are many fashion shops that claimed to have alligator bags available for sale but you cannot guarantee if they are genuine or not. So, before making a very important decision to add them in your investment, let us help you answer this first question you might find yourself asking: “what should I pay attention to before buying an alligator bag?”

  An alligator skin, when compared to a crocodile skin, has many scale patterns in symmetrical and has a softer and thicker skin. It also has a three-dimensional look and smoother feel. There are bags claimed to be made with an alligator skin can sometimes trick us. These are relatively thinner that only undergoes a less tanning for a sophistication finish.

Alligator Leather Bag for Men

  They look more dryer, less durable, and stiffer. Because of this, they can be mistakenly identified as an alligator skin. For buyers online, these qualities could not be determined in photos. So, this is the most challenging part when buying your dreamed alligator bag.

  If you saw small pits on the scales, they could be a Caiman crocodile which is from South America. Remember that this look is not existent in the alligator species. When it comes to its quality, it varies depending on which part of the body the skin is gotten. Its premium sections are throat and central belly areas because it produced smooth-skinned products.

  It has largest scales and most symmetrical shapes on these areas. The symmetrical looked like rectangular in shape. Aside from these areas, its flanks also make a good quality material. These parts have rounded scales and they are a bit thinner.

Alligator Bag and Crocodile Bag for Men

  The least desirable part is its tail because it is stiffer with scales that has wide spaces. It also undergoes more scarring during the production process to validate its genuine characteristic. This part is made into wallet, purse, and belts.

  When it comes to finishes, bags made of alligator have glossy finishing. To achieve this luxurious touch, a natural protein is used to polish the alligator’s skin under a high pressure. There are other finishes where the material remains supple and soft while its surface retains the natural pattern of scale because it did not undergo an excessive pressure.

  The alligator’s skin color is also naturally camouflaged to their brown and green environment. This makes their skin produce a dull combination of brown-gray-green product. However, dyeing process and tanning could change them to any color so buyers are given lots of options.

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