Leather knowledge: the first layer of leather

   The first layer of leather produced by a variety of animals from the direct processing of the original skin. Leather first to see if it has the first layer of leather should have irregular lines, pores, luster and so on. The first layer of leather because it is the first skin, so it is the best. Of course, there is no discussion of the whole site of the leather (in the 1w block bag will be mentioned). So the first layer of leather for a large number of high-end leather, like domestic and international top brands of leather products(leather bag, leather handbags, leather purse), are a large number of the first layer of leather. But the first layer of the leather skin is not a measure of the quality of the bag material key, analysis to now you can find, even the first layer of leather and cheap artificial leather, but only a few hundred pieces.

The first layer of skin

The first layer of cow skin

   Achievements Hermes Hermes is a big factor in leather, the world’s best leather suppliers will be the first round of leather first choice to Hermes, and then will turn to other brands. Hermes devoted to the leather filled with enthusiasm, a variety of harsh selection, it is said that Hermes leather used by only 10% of all good leather. In addition to extreme cases Hermes, the rest of the million-class bags material is carefully selected, just the cost of the cortex than the thousand-level material a few times several times the price is not unusual.

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