Different brands of cultural positioning also affect the price of the bag

  This invisible cultural things, virtually make your bag full of passers-by, but this kind of culture is not every bag has!

  150 USD basically no brand of bags at all, the basic or practical, if you just shopping a bag, buy a basket, then, this kind of bag not only to meet you, you can also guarantee quality Clearance. But you told me that the cultural background of historical background, then you think a little more.

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  Here to give you an example is not familiar with the brand, the Belgian luxury brand Delvaux. Founded in 1829, is the world’s oldest luxury luggage leather goods brand, if you have no concept of this number, then we compare it, Hermes earlier than 8 years earlier than the Louis Vuitton 25 years earlier than Burberry 27 years, Chanel earlier than a full 80 years … … Although Delvaux is a Belgian brand, in fact, the history of Delvaux than the history of the Belgian country even longer for two years, after all, the Belgian state until 1830 was officially declared independent. Delvaux is also accompanied by Belgium’s development and growth and growth. Belgium announced its independence, but a few years time, the rapid economic development, becoming the world’s fourth-largest classic power, Delvaux also become a much-loved leather goods brand.

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  Delvaux has always enjoyed a high level of prestige and trust among the connoisseurs. Since 1883 Delvaux luggage is the Royal Royal leather goods supplier and continues to this day. King Leopold II declared that “the hometown of the famous Belgian painter Rubens should be great both in art and in commerce and industry.” It was Leopold II who realized the modernization of Belgium and built it Empire, and its inclusion in the list of world powers. Every five years by the His Majesty personally developed and awarded the title of this patented supplier highlights the Delvaux leather family created by the noble quality of the product.

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  But the cultural orientation with you do not buy anything to do with the bags? First of all, proved that the quality of the package, quality is very important on the one hand; Secondly, the reason why the bag will be recognized by the royal family, the reason why a long history is a reason. Its design and style are classic, not easy to be eliminated, and not easy to devalue. Finally, this is the product taste the most important time, you have bought so expensive bags, and back out of the first feeling is to prove that I have money? of course not! The most important thing is, I want to prove my taste is low-key luxury. You do not know this bag, maybe we are not the way people, you know and know the story, then we can talk. This is the maximum value given to the brand bag, of course, I just think it!

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