A Comparison of Crocodile Purses and Alligator Purses

  At first glance, it can be very difficult to tell alligator leather purses to crocodile leather purses. They are similar in a number of ways, and both will provide many years of useful service. But, the quality and value of the leather can vary greatly depending upon the tanning process used and the body section of the donor animal from which the leather is taken. The most important considerations tend to be softness, scale pattern and finish. For the most part, alligator purses are of a far greater quality, with more symmetrical scale patterns, softer skin and a smoother feel than crocodile purses. For most products, the skin from the throat and belly areas is used since it provides the most symmetrical scale patterns, which are rectangular in shape. Skin taken from the sides of an animal will have scale patterns that are more rounded in shape and the hide can still be of a high quality. The least desirable part of the animal is the trail, which comprises approximately 50% of the animal’s length. Skin from this area is stiffer with scales more widely spaced, and it is usually heavily scarred.

Crocodile Purses and Alligator Purses

  Size Matters : The size of a skin can help distinguish genuine alligator from a crocodile. Alligator skins are generally 6-12 feet long, while most crocodile skins are only 3-5 feet long. With smaller donor animals, the transition of scale patterns is evident even in small items such crocodile leather purses or alligator leather purses. Scale patterns tend to correlate to the size of the animal. Therefore, hide from a full grown alligator may have scales that are over 1 inch square and tend to be more symmetrical.

Red Crocodile Purses and Alligator Purses for Women

  Alligator Purses Retain Superiority: In general, alligator skins are going to be more durable, more supple, softer and provide a more uniform scale pattern than crocodile skins. Apart from this, alligator is not a threatened or endangered species, so products manufactured from genuine American alligator are maintaining an environmentally friendly status as well.

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