Different styles of women’s leather bags

  There are so many different types of women’s leather bags nowadays that it can be confusing to know which one you should use in any given moment. Whether you are going to the gym, for a stroll in the park or for a night out on the town, each women’s leather bags type has a practical use for each specific scenario.

styles of womens leather bags

1: Baguette
When looking for a casual look for daily use, the baguette purse is best. It’s recognized by its small top to bottom, long side to side look.

2: Leather Backpack
This is a bag that the shoulders support; it has double handles and lies on the back. It’s ideal for sportswear (or school).

3: Leather Barrel
This type of bag, which is great to enhance a casual look, is similar to a barrel in looks with its cylindrical shape.

4: Leather Clutch (Envelope)
The clutch is suited for an evening out, as it’s small and rectangular and looks more like a letter.

5: Leather Bucket
This bag is roomy, with a shoulder strap and open top. It can be used for both a casual look and sportswear.

6: Leather Doctor
This type of bag has round side with a flat bottom. It’s got a bit of length to it and has two handles that got a collapsible metal frame. This bag is best for heading to the office.

7: Leather Frame
This purse is rectangular and stiff, and resembles a money purse.

8: Leather Flap
This bag has a folding flap closure, and is ideal for a fluid summer dress.

9: Leather Duffel (Sea)
Typically a bag that is long, horizontal and cylinder in shape with short handles.

10: Leather Hobo
A soft, large bag that has a zip top and shoulder strap. Tends to crunch down when carried or laid down.

11: Leather Minaudiere
A small evening bag embezzled with pieces of metal, semi precious stones or beads and covered with fabric or leather.

12: Leather Messenger
This kind of bag has a long strap, worn across the body so that the bag rests comfortably on the back. If it’s got a short strap, it turns into a sling bag.

13: Leather Wristlet
This is a clutch-shaped bag that has either a bracelet or leather-looking strap, which enables the wearer to hold the bag freely.

14: Leather Saddle
This bag was originally used on saddles, but can be used casually every day.

15: Leather Satchel
A bag with a wide, flat bottom, zippered or clasped top, two handles or straps. The satchel style was inspired by a piece of luggage and can be various sizes such as the doctor’s bag.

16: Leather Shopper
The shopper bag has one handle and is rectangular.

17: Leather Tote
This medium to large bag has double handles, an open top and open key compartment. It’s generally marketed as a reusable shopping bag and can carry anything too big for common handbags.

18: Leather Quilted
This kind of bag resembles a quilt in that it has a top-stitched pattern to it.

19: Leather School Bag
A roomy bag with a snap, clasp or buckle top flap and one wide shoulder strap; often a thicker variation of the envelope bag.

20: Leather Wallet
Hard or soft, with zippers or snaps, has compartments for coins, bills, credit cards, etc.

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