What Kind of Oil Should be Used for Crocodile Leather Wallet

  What kind of oil should be used for crocodile leather wallet? The answer is: rare animal professional leather care.

  Crocodile leather wallet as a high-grade animal leather bag is smooth and delicate and has the strong sense of convex and cortex. The manufacture process of the special leather is completely different from that of the cowhide and sheepskin. If the ordinary shoe oil or water is used to wipe the crocodile leather, it will destroy the original characteristics of the leather to leave the watermark even crack, which end the life of the crocodile leather.

What Kind of Oil Should be Used for Crocodile Leather Wallet

The display of the shiny new crocodile leather

  The crocodile wallet is expensive, because of its complex and special leather care. Here we recommend the use of rare animal leather professional care (and polishing agent) for maintenance, nourish the leather to keep the original characteristics and not damage the cortex.

The detailed steps are as follows:

  1.Before the maintenance: use professional leather cleaner to wipe the surface of crocodile leather, and then dry it naturally;

  2.Maintenance: shake leather spray up and down and spray evenly about 20cm distance from the leather, then wipe with a soft cloth to protect the soft crocodile skin of the wallet;

  3.After the maintenance: it is recommended to use the waterproof protective agent which is resistant to moisture and stains, to prevent mildew.

Large Brown Crocodile Leather Wallet

  Particularly, the crocodile wallet is so delicate that the maintenance is not recommend at home. If time permits, you can try to get professional care where you buy it. The maintenance steps includes cleaning, repairing, maintaining, polishing and waterproof. In this way, the crocodile wallet can newer and more durable.

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