The rapid development of eco leather brings environmental benefits

Rapid development of eco leather

eco leather

  The concept of ecological leather includes the following four aspects: first, ecological leather in the manufacturing process does not bring environmental pollution; second, add into harmless process leather; third, in the process of using harmless to the human body, the environment does not produce pollution; fourth, can be biological degradation, and degradation products on the environment will not produce new pollution. In the production process, the leather industry will pay more attention to the application of cleaner production technology, which requires the development of green chemicals and pollution-free technology, and focus on the process of re-use and recycling.

The introduction of high technology

leather to high-tech

  Close are applied to the field of leather to high-tech ultrasonic technology, electronic technology, microwave and high technology, nanotechnology will be applied to the tanning process of leather, the design and manufacture of a great impact. For example, sonic technology can make leather more uniform, and can make the enzyme can be transferred, but also can reduce the waste of leather. Ultrasonic technology more easily penetrate into the leather, the Hong Kong University in this area was also studied, and achieved initial success, the application of nanotechnology in leather, will gradually expand, the Hong Kong University has been explored, and achieved initial results, such as the development of the nano tanning agent.

Special leather continuous application

Special leather

  The continuous application of special leather, the special effects are already on the market are mainly leather wrinkles (cracking) leather, milled leather, brush off effect leather, leather, leather, pearl extinction fluorescent effect leather, leather, imitation pearl shining color effect old effect leather, crystal leather (imitation glazed), frosted leather, leather lizard effect color leather, suede, etc.. The textile industry and other industries in technology such as batik, tie dye, hollowed out and transplanted to electronic carved leather industry, the production of special effect leather has become a trend.

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