How much does a crocodile wallet cost

  I do not know when, women want to have a crocodile leather wallet, men want to have a crocodile leather wallet. What’s the magic of crocodile leather wallet, so everyone loves it?

  Crocodile skin is the best in leather, the cortex itself is durable, beautiful and generous. More Importantly, the longer the crocodile leather wallet the better its color and its appeal. The magic itself comes from the crocodile skin itself.

  Say crocodile leather wallet about how much money, the normal price is mostly in 100~500 dollars, most of the wallet price in this range. The specific price depends on what kind of cortex, and which parts of the production, and then analyze the price. The crocodile’s belly is soft, but this leather doesn’t suggest making purses, but it’s perfect for leather bags. So, the back of the crocodile is the most suitable for making the wallet, from the head, back, tail to claw, can be used to make wallets.

  Alligator and Nylon Crocodile is the best of all kinds of crocodile skin, like many big brands are using alligator, prices are very expensive. Here is several VANGOSEDUN crocodile leather wallet price, let you have a general understanding, but also VANGOSEDUN crocodile leather wallet is made by the Nile crocodile leather, comparable brand texture, prices are very cheap.

crocodile head leather wallet

crocodile head leather wallet for men

  This crocodile leather wallet is made of crocodile head leather, and the American import Nile crocodile is very beautiful and generous. The production process is very high, very high-end.

  With crocodile head skin made of wallet more dazzling, and as six petals generally show in the wallet of the positive, very majestic. And crocodile header leather wallet there are poly money to say, which is why many people like crocodile wallet reason.

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