Different colors of clothes with what kind of bag look better

  Bag is our daily most important, most of the parts can not leave the hand, with a good thing you wear the crowning touch, with the bad may also make your match greatly reduced. Here, color is very important. Today to tell you a few clothes and bags with the rules.

Black bag with any clothes

Key 1: Black bag with any clothes

Black bag is usually the choice of “conservative”, because it is basically able to match all the color. So, the black bag must be a single product, you do not know how to match the time, and will not be crazy.
Body color is relatively bright, with a black bag to sum up is more likely to highlight the temperament of a good way.
And black and white with this kind of low-key color with, but also gives a very pure feeling.
Some not very good with the color, with a black bag to the perfect transition.
Who wear very fancy, when the color is more, then a black bag is the most insurance.
Black really wild, but if only with this, you will miss a lot of color with the wonderful, so continue to look down.

Bags and clothes were the same color or near color system with a deep shallow way

Key 2: The same color or near color with

Bags and clothes were the same color or near color system with a deep shallow way, you can create a very elegant feeling.
This should be very simple, when the body is more than one color, select one of the colors can be echoed.

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