Some Leather Types Used For Belts

  When shopping for a new leather belt some may find the varieties of leather available to be bewildering and confusing. With any luck this brief article will make choosing the right type of leather for you and your needs much more simplistic. You can get the cheap leather belts online as well.

Some Leather Types Used For Belts

Pig skin
The term “pigskin” brings up images of tossing the football around in the backyard or perhaps cheering on your favorite football team. Though pig leather is no longer used on footballs, it is still a common alternative to Cow leather. It usually will cost the same as Cow leather, as the pricing tends to be based on how well the leather is tanned and finished, rather than on the specific animal it came from. The only major difference is appearance, pig skin having a pebbly, smoother grain when compared to the rougher Cow hide.

Cow hide belts

Cow hide
When thinking of leather, most individuals think of cowhide. Without a doubt this is the most commonly used leather of any leather product. It’s tough, yet flexible, a fibrous material that will last through repeated tugging’s, tearing’s and beating’s associated with everyday life. Cow leather is tough and resilient, yet it breathes, a working man’s leather would perhaps be a good way to put it. Cow belts manufactured with the hides of animals which have been put down for their meat, which helps to insure that no part of the animal is wasted.

Buffalo hide
Hide from a buffalo is thick and surprisingly soft. It often has a more pronounced leather pattern, that is deeper groves and cuts that make leather look the way it is. Buffalo hide is used in everything cow hide is, plus more rugged items like shoes and rugs. Full length leather dusters are often made from buffalo. A buffalo leather belt will last a lifetime.

Leather Types Used For Belts

This is not a separate type of leather per se, but rather a style of leather. Usually it is made from cow or calf hide. What gives Saffiano leather its name is the process by which it is finished. A cross hatched pattern is stamped into the leather and then coated in a wax like substance. This makes the leather look plastic, but perhaps more importantly, very durable. Usually used for handbags, this should make for a very durable belt.Saffiano belts are best in quality yet so durable.

Also known as Bicast leather, this is a “fake” leather product manufactured from a plastic like substance. It is certainly easy to maintain and clean, like most plastic, but it also has a very uniform and almost shiny appearance. In addition it does not breathe like other leathers, and doesn’t hold up to repeated bending, stretching, tugging, etc. This would make for an inexpensive belt, but probably not a belt that would last you for years.

Ostrich’s by nature have a smaller body area from which to make quality leather, which means that it is less common and more expensive. Fashion has always driven the need for Ostrich leather, rather than any difference in quality or durability. Specifically, Ostrich leather has a distinctive look, as the follicles for feathers create small raised bumps in the skin, and therefore on the leather. It is also thinner then Cow or Pigskin, but is as durable.

Nappa belts

Nappa leather includes everything from cow hide and pig skin, to calf and lambskin. The one noticeable difference between a Cow leather belt and Nappa leather belt would simply be how much softer the Nappa leather would feel. There are varying levels and qualities of Nappa leather, but the most fundamental thing to know is that nappa beltsare softer, and as a general rule, more expensive.

Crocodile and Alligator
Everyone has heard about crocodile belts. They are very tough, very beautiful and can last a lifetime. The leather is hard to work with, making it more expensive. A great choice when you have money to burn and want to look classy!


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