How to identify the quality of customized wallet craftwork?

The wallet is the essential leather goods in the life, then in the factory batch custom man purse, how to distinguish the wallet craft?

customized wallet craftwork

1, the overall shape of the wallet. Wallet in the production process of the quality of the material will directly affect the shape of the wallet, the table is basically a pure handmade process. In the production process of the wallet, the manual process accounted for a high proportion. Therefore, from the shape of the backpack, you can roughly determine the level of production process wallet manufacturers.

2, check the quality of the cloth. Here comes the wallet card position, if no adhesive lining car line, then made the whole bag suddenly found the card position, not sticky cloth skew will cause the card inserted into the ugly, which will affect the quality and appearance of the bag.

3, observe the fabric line. Sewing line is the best way to reflect the quality of the wallet is good or bad, is a very important part of production. When looking at the fabric of auto insurance, we must first look at the line is straight, and then look at the tightness of the line. Sewing line double purse quality is often better.

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