How To Buy Men’s Business Package

Editor: Jack Gao

VANGOSEDUN Men's Leather Business Package

   Men’s business package should pay attention to the details when you buy. Buy business package, the primary concern is the bag’s surface. It should be smooth, no bubble, no seams, no distortion. Bag is the most frequently used part of the package, it determines the comfort to a great extent. You must check the bearing and package with firmness when buy it.

Buy backpack, bag and other goods, need carefully check the lining, zipper, suture etc.. The material color and the color package looks coordination, the joints of lining should not be too much. The zipper is a small accessories bags, but if have the quality problem, repair is very troublesome. The zipper should be used easily oxidized metal material (e.g., alloy), zipper around should not be excessive thread winding.

Black Men's Business Package

1.Material: High quality male business bag made of leather, soft and delicate, but also comfortable hand feeling. Have good abrasion resistance, durability, even if used for a long time it is not easy to peel. And some of the packages of the texture is rough, material is also relatively hard, a prickly feeling, soon may appear skin off phenomenon, affecting the appearance of the package.

2. Zipper: Someone said: “the zipper like doors and windows of houses”, apparently the quality of zipper is more important. Therefore, buy package also pay attention to the position of the zipper. High-quality business bag zipper structure will be tight and smooth. You can try to pull it when choosing it, whether when pulled smoothly. Some time zipper arrangement is loose, teeth are uneven, stuck phenomenon is easy to occur in the process, there will be askew, this bag is not durable.

3.Hardware: The bag also has a small hardware. Good quality business package will be made of alloy metal, so you can firmly protect the package, it is not loose. Some businesses will generally iron hardware, its ring strength is small, so easily caused gap and loosening of the phenomenon, service life of the bag also greatly shorten.

4. Workmanship: Not only from the material to choose business package, also from workmanship. Package quality on the whole package should be uniform, are more solid, no any rough places, in the corner will also have a fine sewing line, as far as possible the care packages. Inferior workmanship is relatively rough, sewing line is not fine, even in the use of open seam.

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