How to identify good or bad quality of the leather bag?

  With the development of science and technology, artificial leather technology is becoming mature, the product quality is greatly improved, especially in the imitation leather, can be deceptive, breathable, flexible, feel and appearance and other aspects are similar with natural genuine leather, but the price is far lower than that of the natural genuine leather, so as to improve our ability to identify. Now I introduce some simple and direct way to identify good or bad quality of the leather bag.

good quality of the Leather bag

Look is to see the overall appearance of the bag, It is best to see the same kind of shop with other bags of style compared to see is not very pleasing to the eyes, generally good quality bag, very sleek lines, and very tall, feels very full very spiritual. Look at the process and sewing, good quality bags, the process is fine, neat, sewing fine is also very organized. General good bag 1-inch 7-pin to 8-pin, while the poor quality of the bag only 5 to 6-pin. (1 inch = 2.54 cm) a good bag of temperament is very elegant, that is, the club is very atmospheric, simple, will not be made fancy!

Touch good quality bag, feel is good, feels very solid stick, feel better description of the bag while the better material used, good quality bag, they use real leather with a smooth paste features, Will appear good-looking shiny gloss.

Smell the bag there is a pungent taste it can be concluded that what is not a good package, and generally good quality bags are imported with environmentally friendly glue, environmentally friendly leather, so out of the bag will emit a special Of the fragrance, and some bags will be used in the factory before the professional care of Bili Bead care solution, but issued a kind of air freshener asked, and some still faint smell of fruit and not pungent, and only poor Material will be issued unpleasant smell. Of course, the price will be very low!

Hardware accessories
Hardware accessories to determine the quality of a bag, hardware is an important part, imagine, if the quality of the bag is not up to much, how will use those on the grade of accessories? Good bag of hardware accessories it is bright, and now a lot of bags are used to light gold: is a kind of shallow gold so there is grade, which is divided into really light gold and false light gold, really light gold is A hint of gold, fake light gold generally issued dazzling gold or copper red. General good quality bags are really light gold This metal long life, not easy to fade. And good hardware is generally heavier, this time we buy gold and fake gold jewelry will understand.

good quality of mens leather bag

Lined This is also an important indicator to determine a bag, look good-looking, which is very rough lining, there is no feeling of the package is not on the quality of the package, the price is low for a large-scale. This is also a lot of buyers are ignored, of course, the problem even a lot of self-proclaimed good package manufacturers are not care, of course, consumers often do not pay attention to this problem. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, good package, of course, also have a good lining, lining material is good, looks thick, delicate touch, not too many folds and redundant, incision suture will be pleasing to the eye, Looks very rough.

Oil Edge
The edge of the oil refers to the edge of the bag which will be used for the beautiful side of the professional side oil to edge, Light pinch soon returned to its original state. The difference in order to save the cost of bags with poor quality of the side oil, if the pinch will be difficult to recover, with a few days will be a section of the broken. Good bags rarely use the edge of oil, usually with high-grade transparent red, transparent gray so that the oil side of the bag looks very delicate feel very soft and tough.

Packaging related to look at the package, in the production of a good bag, if not a good packaging is a defect. Generally good manufacturers to produce the package, the package is meticulous, the simplest is to look at bags of dust bags, and good dust bag prices are not low, low-grade or not on the grade of the bag will not raise costs And then get hold of such a cost of bags.

Weight, many people tend to overlook this problem, naturally will not pay attention to this problem, whether it is leather material or hardware accessories, good quality bag will feel significantly heavier, and poor quality bags because of the use of materials And lining and other accessories are relatively poor hardware, quality, size, size and so not enough to mention it will be very heavy.

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