2017 new leather handbag recommended

  Choose a dress is very simple, but want a dress collocation, it needs some work, such as clothing collocation is good, but also with some accessories, handbags or lanyards. Today I would like to introduce what kind of popular handbags in 2017, new Brucegao leather handbag recommended.

leather bucket bag styles

  2017 has arrived, should not pay attention to some fashion sense? The 2017 popular female style recommendation, the first to introduce a bucket bag, bucket bag style is very cute, color can be bright, spring and summer season choose to bright color is good-looking Oh, fringed embellishment more vibrant. Fringed embellishment more vibrant.

leather handbag is something like envelopes

  Leather handbags, leather handbags usually can be dual-use, but also shoulder diagonal cross, small sweet girls don’t need bodycross, as long as it is portable, compact package type, white and black stitching is very dynamic, This leather handbag is something like envelopes, mini match, sweet show.

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