How to get rid of the bad smell of the bag?

   On the market a variety of styles dazzle the eyes, some people buy expensive bags, because under the accident that the bag has been damaged, or have a bad smell, then how to solve? Let’s take a look.

get rid of the bad smell of the bag

1: orange peel (fresh) in the bag, put a day out, cut into small pieces of soap in the bag, and after the whole soap with sealed plastic bag and then 3 days, dermal odor will not.

2: the household toilet paper folded several fold, put a smelly bag, the toilet paper is the smell sucking, ventilation, toilet paper can be reused, certainly still smell with suction. Similarly, if you put your bag in the other than a large package of containers, placed around the toilet paper, the smell of the skin bags can also be not away from it. Might as well try.

3: put some grapefruit skin to your bag, or lemon peel, 2 days without unpleasant smell.

4: the new bag is also in ventilated place on the two day, the removal of odor, this is why we buy in the store did not smell, but from the Internet to buy the bag is not opened will have unpleasant smell, the general bag at home ventilation place a day has no unpleasant smell. Methods: with a soft towel soaked in water, then wring out, then put the bag and carefully wipe, wipe it and put your bag in the ventilation drying.

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