How many watch straps could you get out of an crocodile?

  It depends on the size of the crocodile, and actually, a huge crocodile wouldn’t give too many watch straps at all. There are various scale patterns on the belly and flank skin of crocodilians… typically watch straps are made from the smaller scale pattern on the inside of the legs, belts from the tail, wallets and change purses from neck, throat and sides (or belly from small animals), and larger pieces like suitcases and handbags from the belly… Large animals have large scales, and if the scale pattern is too large to be noticed as what it is, it won’t be used for smaller items like watch straps and the like.


crocodile skin for watch straps

  We are proud to offer highest quality exotic leather watch bands / watch straps made of stingray, crocodile, alligator, lizard, ostrich, snake skins. Unique exotic skin watch band / watch strap is a great long lasting gift for many occasions. Exquisite materials and superb craftsmanship create a product which will stand the test of time with a touch of class.

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