5 items that a woman should have in her wardrobe before the age of 30

  A woman is beautiful appearance temperament is innate, but their experience and knowledge embodied in the body, can you experience every word and action reaction in the past, many beautiful women because of their unique temperament, always in the streams of people busily coming and going in the crowd, stand head and shoulders above others.

  30 years old, the woman is an awkward transition, but in any case must have their own life attitude. Now I’m going to give you a list of 5 items that a woman should have in her wardrobe before the age of 30.

Classic handbag for women

1. Classic handbag
Handbags are also worth every woman to spend a huge sum of money to fill the wardrobe of a single product, said the man taste watch and his side of the woman, the woman taste her bag and the man around.

Bag can not only carry the items, but also essential fashion. The bag is a special existence for women, like love, like bestie, although with the annual fashion trends constantly replaced, but indispensable, necessary for several classic and elegant handbags, is every woman’s choice!

High-heeled shoes

2. High-heeled shoes
“Sex and the city” Carrie said: I can see the whole world standing on high heels.
Madonna also said: give me a pair of high-heeled shoes, I can conquer the world!

The meaning of high heels for women, rather than on behalf of women’s identity and self-restraint signs. A pair of high heels, not only can set off a special temperament charm, but also allows you to walk more elegant posture, slender body. A pair of good shoes, can bring a sense of achievement for women, this is not only the shape of the shape, or the overall temperament and taste of the individual shape.

Full dress

3. Full dress
With your age and experience, your income and social status, your friends level will be improved, whether at a friend’s party or partner party to prepare a low-key luxury dress is very necessary.

Wrist Watch

4. Wrist Watch
The watch can change the overall image of people, and become an important woman fashion accessories, embodied in the details of the grade, exudes elegant temperament.


5. Perfume
Perfume is a woman’s second skin, is a woman mood explanation, the so-called scent of a woman. Perfume is a symbol of women’s taste, perfume is a symbol of sexy, is a symbol of identity and status.

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