What is handmade bag? Basic information of Handmade Bag

   Always say their own fashion, so fashion how can you do not know the handmade leather bag? What is the handmade leather bag? As the name suggests, handmade leather bags are made by hand, handmade leather bags, woven bags, and so on, with the increase in recent years with the increase of foreign cultural exchanges and the improvement of living standards, the national characteristics of the hand bag has been recognized by many people at home and abroad.

Basic information of Handmade Bag

information of Handmade Bag

   From the process of material, is divided into common hand bag leather, artificial leather hand bag. These two products have their own characteristics, on the leather handmade bag, the grade is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, the color is relatively simple, maintenance is also more trouble. Artificial leather hand bag with cheap, bright color, easy to clean these prominent advantages, catch up from behind, gradually occupy most of the market.

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