How to quickly identify the quality of the trolley travel bag?

Trolley travel bag material
The material of the trolley travel bag is divided into many kinds, commonly used leather, PU, PC, ABS, nylon cloth, Oxford cloth, etc. The material of the cloth is very good judgment. The quality difference can be distinguished by hand. The leather is mainly divided into two kinds of animal leather and PU, At present, most of the trolley travel bag with leather fabric, because PU toughness is good, not easy. PC, ABS is a kind of engineering plastics, these two kinds of materials are hard materials, flexibility is very strong, can bear the weight of an adult, waterproof and antifouling, appearance fashion.

VANGOSEDUN's trolley travel bag

Trolley travel bag craftwork
Trolley travel bag like leather bag is to look at the process of sewing, to see if Trolley travel bag sewing fine, Usually the details from the start, such us whether there is extra lining, to see whether the sewing line is distorted, the most important is the trolley travel bag zipper is smooth, cohesion between the box cover at the time of the inspection should also pay special attention to.

Trolley travel bag Hardware
In addition to material, the most prominent is the hardware accessories. For example, hardware LOGO, zipper, wrist, etc. Excellent hardware accessories are not easy to oxidation or rust.

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