Why Are Alligator Bags More Expensive Than Crocodile Bags

   Perhaps, you might be wondering why alligator bags are more expensive than crocodile bags when they look similar at a distance. Well, no matter how similar they look like, they are still different. It’s patterns, bumps, scars and even durability are different.

noble alligator leather bag for women

   We cannot deny the fact that even until today, alligator skin is still one of the most sought after raw material out there for luxury items and we cannot blame them for wanting to have their hands on it since it has more symmetrical patterns than crocodile skin. In addition to that, it is also softer and thicker. So, it would be safe to say that it is more durable than crocodile skin. Also, with the fact that it is smoother to touch, it offers a somewhat 3 dimensional feel to customers.

   When it comes to designer goods, you might have crocodile bags before at a high price only to realize that it is only an imitation of the real one when you consulted an expert in it. Perhaps, that also became a reason why you have you have decided not to buy luxury goods again. However, with alligator bags, you need not worry about such things. Why? Because alligator bags would always have umbilical scar and it is a feature that it very hard to fake or imitate. After all, they are the only exotic animal who has it. This is the reason why whenever it is used for making bags, the umbilical scar is often displayed in the front to prove that the leather is authentic.

noble alligator bag

   On the other hand, on the part of the makers of luxury handbags, they choose to work with alligator leather not only because it is more expensive that it attracts wealthy customers but also because an alligator has a longer body. What does this mean? This only means that it allows the designers to have more of the best part at their disposal when it comes to the production of the bags. In addition to that, the design of the scales of an alligator is different from a crocodile as well. In fact, it has fewer irregularities on the scales and a less homogenous pattern than that of a crocodile.

   Now, when it comes to the transition of the scales, in an alligator, the transition from the square shaped and wide scales of the bell to the smaller round shapes that can be found on the sides are sudden whereas with crocodile leather, the transition is more gradual and the smaller it becomes, the rounder it gets.

   Last but not the least, alligator bags are more expensive than crocodile bags because of their rarity and the quality of their skin. In fact, their skin are also more flexible and so, even though you fold it, it would not create cracks on the leather. Nevertheless, this does not mean that crocodile bags are not good. It only means that alligator bags are more superior than them in some ways.