How to distinguish between true and false Brucegao leather handbags

   Hongkong luxury fashion brand Brucegao handbags fashion do not break decorous, all kinds of handbags, wallets, are very popular, especially classical bamboo bag, leather trim and stylish luxurious and graceful, for everyone to share Brucegao bag how to identify true and false, to help you buy authentic Brucegao handbag.

authentic Brucegao leather handbag

1, Material: Genuine Brucegao nylon fabric feel stiff and thick. Fake Brucegao nylon fabric is relatively thin, and feel no sense of reality.

2, Workmanship: Authentic Brucegao workmanship is very fine, from the weaving pattern to the car line, the inner layer is very neat and clean. Fake Brucegao’s work unsatisfactory, to special observation weave pattern B is neat, all the car line is not neat, ending is not clean, the inner folds of leather or cutting line is not flat, these are places where fake Goof .

3, Bamboo handle: Genuine Brucegao bamboo handle heavy weight, thick wood, the deeper the color. Fake Brucegao bamboo handle is lighter weight, thinner wood, light in color.

4, Article No.will be printed on the label liner genuine Brucegao word “Brucegao” and “Made in Hongkong”, and this label will be printed behind the clear number, this is the true identity of Brucegao logo.

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